Activities 2019


Every day at 11am with Dirk. Suitable for everyone, big or small, with or without previous experience. Sign up at the reception at latest 8pm the previous day. If nobody has signed up, there will be no yoga for the day. Participation is free for our guests.


Would you like to watch a movie in our rustic barn-cinema? Please let our reception know. Movie time is between 5pm-8pm everyday. Please bring warm clothes and a blanket (found in your accommodation). Cinema is free of charge for our guests.

Village Museum

The Little Sweden Village Museum is located on the barn’s upper floor. There you can watch various exciting objects that are witnesses to how people were living in the village during the past. Please ask any staff to help you further. The museum is free of charge.

Fun and Play

Little playhouse, child vehicles, sports and games box, house of creativity, playground with trampolines, table tennis, sandpit with paddling pool and sand toys, play-corner in the restaurant, a shelf with games and darts. On the same grounds where you find our Garden Café, you´ll find a enthralling fairy tale path that is fun for both children and adults.

Our animals

Observing and interacting with our free-roaming animals is exciting and fun for all visitors; two-legged as four-legged.
NOTE Dear parents – Remember that you are responsible for the safety of your child.
NOTE Dear dog owners – Your four-legged friend is welcome to enjoy it’s holiday without a leash on but should be leashed if it chases our animals or is otherwise disobedient.

Borrow a bike or table tennis gear

To borrow table tennis gear or a bike is free for our guests. Ask at the reception.


There are three lakes nearby. A large towel can be borrowed for 20 sek in the reception. A map of swim sites can be found here.

Nature, adventures, attractions and events

In the dining room, on the wall are maps of Sweden and Vimmerby to be found as well as a Vimmerby summer tourist magazine and other informative leaflets. Get more detailed information, tips for excursions, directions, but also help with reservations, ticket orders, etc. at the reception.

Health & Wellness Services 2019

As an experienced alternative practitioner and Ayurveda health consultant, our therapist Dirk Brüggemann offers relaxing ayurvedic and classic massages, health consulting and Chinese martial art.

Abhyanga massage
Traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage. Combining harmoniously flowing movements with gentle strokes and pressure techniques. The body’s energy flow is harmonized and blockages and muscle tension are resolved. The massaging oil cleanses and nourishes body tissue and
strengthens the immune system.
60 min. 50 € or 550  SEK

Relaxation massage
A massage for easing muscle and nerve tension where required, whilst increasing the well-
45 min. 38 € or 420 SEK

Back and neck massage (classic)
Relieving back and neck pain using specially coordinated and soothing massage techniques.
30 min. 30 € or 330 SEK

Foot massage
Foot bath followed by a massage, has a very relaxing, stress-reducing and metabolism-activating effect.
30 min. 25 € or 300 SEK

Foot Reflexology
Stimulating energy points through reflex zones on the foot, meridians and classic organ zones are being activated.
45 min. 45 € or 500 SEK

Yoga therapy and / or nutritional advice
Individual private lessons that are tailored to your personal needs for specific health issues, which you can continue practicing at home.
60 min 75 € or 800 SEK

High-quality oils are used for all treatments. These nourish the body and skin cells.

As an experienced martial arts coach, Dirk also offers authentic and invigorating Wushu lessons.

Chinese martial art
On request, Dirk also offers Tai Ji, Qi Gong or classical Chinese martial arts and self-defense.
Single or group lesson 90 min. 100 € or 1100 SEK

Treatment appointments can be booked in the reception (in person, by email or telephone) or directly with Dirk.

*Please observe that we reserve the right to change the summer program.