Vegan Food & Café

Vegan food

In our kitchen we work as far as possible with fresh organic food, preferably from our region and partially from our own garden.
We use exclusively non-animal produce for all our delicious homemade dishes and we can almost promise that even those who are otherwise convinced meat eaters will not miss anything during their vacation in Little Swedenvillage.

In our kitchen we cook your delicious food with lots of love. On warm summer days you can sit outside on the terrace in the lunch green countryside and eat.
In the dining room´s play corner are plenty of toys and games for the youngest so that the adults can eat while the children are playing.
Drink an extra cup of fairtrade coffee or herbal tea or just sit there and talk while the kids play. All to create the right holiday feeling for the whole family.


Is served from June the 22 – august the 22 between 8:00 – 10:00 o’clock. Breakfast is included in the price.

In the morning we offer a generous, delicious and nutritious breakfast buffet that will give you the best conditions to start your day greatly.
Our guests´ well-being and health is very important to us in Little Swedenvillage. Therefore, we prepare a healthy and varied breakfast with extra veggies and fruit that provide everything you need for a good start of your day.

• Hot and cold drinks are included.
• Eat as much as you like.
• You can book breakfast even if you are not staying with us. (100 sek, children 3-12 years 50 sek, 0-3 years eat for free).
• Breakfast is included if you stay with us.

Lunch and dinner

From 2017, dinner is NOT included in the price anymore. Except during Midsummer on the evenings of the 22nd and 23d of june where our Midsummer buffet is included in the price.

This summer, we will serve the favorite dish for both children and adults as a buffet, as well as a warm soup and a colorful salad buffet throughout the week. Read more below.
We serve dinner between june the 22 – august 22 from 6.00pm till 8.00pm.
Price: 145 sek for adult, 70 sek for children up to 12 years, free for children up to 3 years.
Pre-book your dinner here.
Please let us know any special diet requests or food allergies in advance by emailing us.

Every evening we will serve a yummy buffet, where you will find a creamy and rich sweet potato soup with ginger to start with. The main courses are everybody’s favorite vegan schnitzels or nuggets with crispy potato wedges or oven-baked potatoes topped with a delightful homemade sauce bearnaise or other. Mostly for the children, but of course also all adults, we serve loads of al dente spaghetti with freshly cooked lentil-bolognese sauce and not to forget, ketchup. All this is accompanied by a rainbow colored pick-your-own-salad veggie selection which varies by season and can include different kinds of lettuce, corn, tomato, cucumbers, peppers, onions, green peas, mushrooms, red cabbage, cabbage, carrot, radishes, zucchini-spirals, beetroot, feferoni, olives, bean mix, a dressing and crispbread. Yum!

• In our reception and café, you can buy healthy and tasty vegetable soups from MindFuel, made out of organic ingredients only! You simply add hot water and stir to have a nutritious and filling meal!

• Bring your own food to cook in the self-catering kitchen (or “your” kitchen in case you have booked a cottage with its own kitchen).

• Borrow a barbecue grill (free of charge). At the reception you can also buy charcoal, good vegan barbecue packages (consisting of sausage, burger, steak) and sides (sauces, bread, vegetables etc.).

• Ask in our reception for recommendations on restaurants in Vimmerby.

• Reception is open daily from the 22 of june till the 22 of august between 09-11am (only for check out) and between 3-8pm. During the periods of the 1-21 june and 21-27 of august, the reception opens by demand.

Café & Ice cream

Our Garden Café is open from the 22 of june till 22 of august daily between 3-8pm. During the periods from 1-21 of june and 23-27 of august opening hours vary. The café is at the reception.

Do not miss out and try our amazing ice-cream specialties EIZmagic, made from rice milk and frozen fruit.
Even a nice cup of espresso coffee or tea with a home baked cookie can be enjoyed at one of our idyllic garden tables in the cafe garden.
For the hungry ones, we recommend to try the café’s vegan hot sandwiches.

Souvenirs, Candy & Other

At the reception we also offer a few things one should not forget during the holidays.

• Healthy and useful sweets
• Snacks
• Selection of souvenirs and literature
• 100% pure natural cosmetics, handmade by Andrea trained organic holistic skin care therapist.

All the goods we sell are organic, vegan and without chemical additives.